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Music Therapist 
HCPC registered

According to RNIB, Carl is the first blind person to graduate with an MA in music therapy in England. He is a highly trained health professional who provides treatment that can help transform people’s lives. Carl lives and works in Bristol and the surrounding areas.


Music therapy can help people with learning difficulties to express emotions through a wide range of percussive instruments and song writing. For example, if a client is non-verbal, they can sometimes find it difficult to communicate vocally. Therefore, using musical instruments can provide them with a tool to be able to express how they are feeling. Through song writing they are able to write songs about any frustrations they may have experienced during their lifetime. 


With elderly people, who have dementia, they can sometimes feel isolated when they are unable to remember any of the good memories they experienced throughout their lives. Through music therapy we are able to bring back some of those moments and help with short term memory. As part of my work I carry out music and memory workshops, these provide the residents with an interactive musical occasion.  During the session I play songs from the residents’ era and they are invited to sing along and play percussion instruments. Between the songs they are given the chance to share any memories which might relate to the music and events of that era. This can provide a welcome change to the residents’ routine but also help bring back some forgotten memories.  These sessions concentrate more on the individual and aim to give the residents an opportunity to express themselves.

I am a qualified music teacher. I offer guitar, piano and keyboard lessons privately. I'm able to take students through classical guitar exams and for pleasure. One of my past pupils achieved the highest exam result in South Bucks. In the past I have taught at two schools in bournemouth, primary and secondary, as well as Pathos music school in Cyprus. All ages are welcome, beginners and intermediate.

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